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Ko au te puāwaitanga o aku moemoeā
I am the fruition of my dreams and aspirations

Discover how we are, why we are and who we are.

At Tohunga we provide the knowledge and tools to transform your life into one of purpose, connection, joy and well-being. 

"Ko te pō te kai hari te rā ko te mate te kai hari te kai hari te oranga" 

Just as night is the bringer of day so to is the understanding of suffering the bringer of life Te Whiti-o-Rongomai & Tohu Kākahi 

His Holiness Dali Lama New Zealand welco

An invitation is an invitation to discover our absolute right to Tino Rangatiratanga, that is, one’s self and selfless determination in all pursuits of wellbeing as it pertains to humanity. Join the journey of bridging ancient wisdom with present technology.


In providing a humanitarian service, aims to create an enlightened society for the benefit of future generations.

Paora Joseph JPEG.jpg

Paora Te Oti Takarangi 
He tangata pono
He tangata tika
Ki runga i te aroha

(Paora Te Oti Takarangi is a person who exemplifies
compassion, truth, integrity and justice in his work for humanity)

Dame Rangimārie Naida Glavish (DNZM JP)

Tohunga Clinic

The Well-being Clinic

The Well-being Clinic provides consultations and healing sessions. Well-being Clinics are based upon Māori Indigenous knowledge, Western Psychology and Tibetan Buddhist Principles of health and wellbeing.
The Well-being Clinic encourages self-responsibility in healing self, others and community. For a personal consultation we are based in Tutukaka and on Waiheke Island or can be contacted alternatively through zoom. 

We provide a service in the following areas:


Healing Trauma

Whakawātea Te Mamae Tupuranga is about understanding and clearing the layers of intergenerational trauma
– self, whānau, and tūpuna (ancestors).

Consultations and sessions available in person or through zoom. 

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Healing Relationships

​Hohourongo is the restoration of relationships through developing clarity and empathy and removing blame to both self and other.

Consultations and sessions available in person or through zoom. 


Healing the Mind

Mental health issues occur as a result of not understanding the nature of suffering. Accepting and understanding suffering is the path to wellness. 

Consulations and sessions available in person or through zoom.


Healing the Body - Microfrequencies

Ōkiko Whakamarama is Healy technology that uses micro frequencies to balance mauri and restore energy on a cellular level. This can be effective on humans and animals, and to spiritually cleanse places. Various forms of Rongoa are also utilized to reduce stress in the mind and body 

Consultations and sessions available in person or through zoom. 

Tohunga Consulting

Well-being Retreats

Cultural and Spiritual well-being retreats are facilitated on topics such as: Te Ao Marama - The sacred path of the Warrior,  Māori world view in relating to the dimensions of (Atua, Whenua, and Tāngata), Rongoa, Dynamics of Whānaugatanga, Mental Health, Preparing for Tangihanga,  Indigenous story telling & film making.


Te Ao Marama - the sacred path of the warrior 2023

A series of eight retreats designed to bring about an enlightened perspective and pathway to understanding the nature of trauma and suffering.

Te Ao Marama is designed to support everyone, regardless of cultural background, gender or beliefs.


An introduction to the Māori world view

Gain knowledge of the Māori world view through this introductory retreat with an exploration of key concepts relating to cultural health and wellbeing. In a relaxed space you will learn how to integrate this understanding into your work space and daily life.

Marae Chat Room

Available to members, the marae chat room is for connecting with other tangata whai marama (people seeking wellbeing and enlightenment). The tikanga (guidelines) of the marae chat room are simply based on Pono (respectful and truthful speech), Tika (respectful relations between all tangata whai marama), Aroha (embracing the practice of humility and loving kindness).

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