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Te Ao Marama - the sacred path of the warrior 2023

A series of eight retreats designed to bring about an enlightened perspective and pathway to understanding the nature of trauma and suffering in 2023.


Paora mixes a combination of indigenous Māori knowledge, Western psychology and Tibetan Buddhism to communicate and facilitate a process that will equip people to transform difficulties and challenges to their daily life. Te Ao Marama is designed to embrace and support everyone without exception, regardless of cultural background, gender and beliefs. 

Warriorship Retreat 1: Embracing hope and fear


‘Hope and fear have no basis in an external reality it is fabrication of the mind’


The last few years in particular has been very challenging for people globally, therefore the intention here is to create a retreat in a supportive and relaxed environment, to become grounded and refreshed going into 2023. 


What will you come away with from attending the retreat?

  1. A sense of confidence to be able to deal with hope and fear

  2. A sense of confidence to remain in connection and intimacy with others and the natural elemental world 

  3. A sense of lightness and joy


What to expect: 

The retreats are experiential and are intended to provide a combination of knowledge, skills and sharing. The day will begin with a walking mediation followed by a discussion and Q and A on the nature hope and fear as It relates to the emotions and reality. This will be followed by a guided mediation that directly deals with hope and fear. 


Following lunch, there will be a focus on coordinating the breath with presence and understanding one’s relationship to the elemental world. In this regard, both Māori and Tibetan wisdom is combined to bring about a greater sense of connection and intimacy with the five elements and Ngā kaitiaki (guardians). Participants will have the opportunity to develop and share with the group their personal mihi or poem, as it connects themselves to Te Ao Marama - the world of light. The end of day is celebrated with dance and presence with your favourite DJ mix. 

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